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About Blue Valley Pools

Everyone likes a clean pool and spa. If you wish expert services so as to maintain that pristine look for your pool at all months of the year, look no further. At Blue Valley Pools, we take pride in our work, and we will not rest until your pool has the perfect appearance, as well as the best tuned up system. Blue Valley Pools is a locally owned and operated swimming pool business serving the greater east valley of Arizona. You can trust our skill in caring for swimming pools and hot tub care. We are confident that this is not merely the best way to give you, our customer, a great looking pool, but also to create a loyal base of patrons.


Why choosing us is your best idea


If you’re a lucky owner of a pool, we can make you even happier by taking care of all the maintenance – from checking filters & heating to chlorine levels!


Each single member of our pool maintenance crew is skilled enough to make any kind of a check, repair or maintenance work for your pool.


As we’re doing a lot of technical maintenance, sometimes we either need special tools or special equipment to repair your pool’s parts. Be sure that we have it all!


Weekly Service

Blue Valley Pools weekly cleaning service includes the netting of all debris, brush walls, empty all baskets, backwash if necessary, and inspect the equipment. Finally, we check all chemicals and add the necessary chemicals to make your pool crystal clear and safe to swim.

Pool Repairs and Maintenance

We can work on any kind of swimming pool or swimming pool equipment. We are dedicated to providing expert and professional services in the field of pool repairs. Beware of leaving your pool in the hands of an untrained pool person. You should get your peace of mind by leaving the work in the hands of an experienced team of expert professionals, and that is our cue. Call us today for any kind of pool repair!

Pool Draining

Draining your pool is a requirement if you wish your swimming pool to be looking as good as it can. It will also help your pool to maintain an attractive appearance for a long time. Regular maintenance can require the draining of some, or of all the water in your pool. There are also some kinds of repairs or new equipments that need the draining of your swimming pool before they can be installed. Call us now if you want your hot tub, spa, or swimming pool drained for repairs or maintenance in Arizona!

Acid Wash

The most common moment to think about acid washing your pool is during spring, if winterization of your pool was not done correctly. At that moment, it is possible that your pool will be quite dirty, stained, or even covered with algae blooms. An acid wash in your pool can erase all of that and reinstate the pristine look your pool had when it was inaugurated. During the process, the stains, algae, dirt, etc. covering the clean plaster in your pool walls will be removed. If you are interested in this service, we are the company to call for in Arizona area. Our experts in Blue Valley Pools will make your pool as if it has been just built. Call us today!

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